Think of me as your Real Estate consultant or concierge, your one stop shop! I’m here to guide you through the process whether you are just starting the search or you’re researching the possibilities. I’m here to help educate you on the home buying/selling process and answer questions along the way! If I can’t answer your question I’m determined to find the answer for you! I will be your partner throughout the process, however short or long the journey. And it’s my job to make sure you are connected to the right extended team that will help you achieve your real estate goals.


The money wo/man! Your money person will not only provide you with lending options they will also help you understand debt/income ratios and the impact home ownership can have on your monthly cash flow. They are critical in positioning you favorably once an offer is submitted and help lend credibility to your offer. I have a team of brokers/officers I partner with that my clients love and will provide you with options.


Yes Officer! Your officer is here to make sure all contract obligations needed to get to a ‘close’ are met and fulfilled by both sides the transaction, buyers and sellers. They are a neutral 3rd party that holds critical roles including but not limited to, management of the escrow account which holds the funds for the transaction, they secure title insurance, and they ensure the seller’s loans are paid off at close and that the buyer deposits all the funds including those from the bank and their own. To break it down, they make sure everything gets lined up to have a successful transfer of ownership.


Detail Masters! I have an awesome team of Transaction coordinators that will manage all the mounds of paper work. After I explain and review all the docs with you, they will make sure all is in order and signed off so that your transaction file is legit and complete so that you can get your keys!


The Doctors! Whether it’s a general home or structural pest inspector or any other, they are critical in helping you understand the health of the home.  They check from the foundation up to the roof and all the internal workings.  Having this health check helps  buyers know the current state of the home enabling you to go into the contract with your eyes wide open.  

In reality, the buyer walking through the inspection with the inspector is key in helping the buyer understand the home. In today’s competitive sellers’ market, it’s not typically used to try and re-negotiate the offer but really to help you gain clarity on the investment. As a buyer you will walk the home with the inspector and have the ability to ask questions throughout which is invaluable.


The Validator! If you get a loan for the purchase, part of lending process is an appraisal. As a buyer, you don’t have to do a thing, the lender takes ownership of setting the appraisal up and I go to the appointment to make sure I give context to the appraiser how we came up with the offer price. This is a point in the process where my data driven offer scenarios really help!


Get it Covered! You are responsible for the home from the day your deed records, so it is super important to get things covered during the escrow period so you can breathe easy. An insurance broker will help you look at your full portfolio to help create economies of scale in your coverage for various aspects in your life! I have an expert insurance consultant to connect you with so you can get the right coverage for your home prior to close.