Bike to Work on May 12

Not sure how to make the most out of this year’s Bike to Work Day? Here are some suggestions to help you embrace this form of healthy, affordable and active transportation. 

Pedal By an Energizer Station
Volunteers will cheer on people riding bikes around San Francisco at 25 official Energizer Stations. Each station is providing free donated snacks and beverages, as well as convenient reusable tote bags for future commutes filled with goodies. Find an Energizer Station: Google Map | PDF Map

Bike Doctors
Is your bike in need of a check up? Lucky for you, Bike Doctors will be at 16 Energizer Stations to help you with basic bike maintenance including lubing chains, adjusting seats and fixing flat tires for free! Map your route to the nearest Bike Doctor by clicking here. 

Adult Learn to Ride
Age is just a number—especially when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. If you consider yourself to be a “biking newbie,” then the Adult Learn to Ride class is the perfect opportunity to learn all of the biking basics including balancing, starting, stopping, steering and proper helmet fitting. You can sign up for a classhere. 

Commuter Convoy
Nervous to ride alone? Join a commuter convoy from your neighborhood to downtown. District Supervisors and other special guests will lead the group on a leisurely ride suitable for all fitness levels. All convoys leave at 7:45 am. Click here for a list of locations and to RSVP.

Team Bike Challenge
Sure Bike to Work Day is fun, but how about an entire month? Register a team of two to five people and compete with other Bay Area commuters to win great prizes for bike commuting during the month of May. Just record your daily bike mileage on the San Francisco Bike Coalition site and earn points for each mile biked. The team with the most points wins! Sign up here.

Bikes and Transit
If your commute is too long to bike the whole way, consider a combination of biking and public transit. Save money, avoid stressful rush hour traffic and get some exercise along the way. For more info about carrying your bike on public transportation, visit 

No Bike? No Problem!
Don’t have your own bike but still want to participate? Use Bay Area Bike Share. The system features 700 sturdy bikes situated at 70 stations throughout the Bay Area and available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And the best part? This year, Bay Area Bike Share is celebrating Bike to Work Day by offering free rides for residents and visitors on May 12. Register here to receive a free 24-hour pass code by email. Then on May 12, you can use that code at any Bay Area Bike Share station. 

For more information about the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, visit their website at and follow Bike to Work Day on Facebook at See you on the road!



Mary Ann Montano