Think of me as your Real Estate consultant or concierge, your one stop shop! I’m here to guide you through the process of selling your home whether you have just started thinking about selling your home or if you are ready to go, I’m here for you every step of the way. After understanding your goals, I will align the marketing & sales strategy to help you achieve those goals. From providing you with realistic comps for your home which will guide what is the best list price to attract the most visitors and inquiries on your home, to coaching on how to show your home in a way that will attract todays modern buyers to ensuring all the required disclosures are available to buyers to help protect you in the process and provide full line of site to potential buyers, to marketing your home in both social and traditional marketing channels. I will be your partner throughout the process, however short or long the journey. It’s my job to manage the process from beginning to end and I’ll make sure you are connected to the right extended team that will help you achieve your real estate goals.


Makeover Experts! Your makeover experts consult with you to ensure your home is shown in the best light to secure the fastest time on market with the highest selling price possible. Today’s buyers are accustomed to seeing homes that are staged which guide them through how each room can be used. It’s a big investment for buyers and the more you as a seller can help address and answer questions before they even come up the better your home will show and the more likely you are to convert a visitor into a buyer. I will provide contact information for various makeover experts and manage the process for you.


The Informants! I encourage sellers to have pre-sale inspections, the two most common are a general home or structural pest. The more information you can provide buyers the better prepared they are to place a clean offer on your home. A clean offer is one that has zero or a minimal number of contract contingencies. Presale inspection(s) are trusted 3rd party opinions that buyers reference to better understand the home allowing them to go into an offer with their eyes wide open. As with staging, the more you as a seller can proactively answer questions the more confident buyers are in selecting your home to place an offer. I will provide contact information for inspectors, on average the approximate cost is $600 per inspection depending on size of home, type of home, number of units etc.


Yes Officer! Your officer is here to make sure all contract obligations needed to get to a ‘close’ are met and fulfilled by both sides the transaction, buyers and sellers. They are a neutral 3rd party that holds critical roles including but not limited to, management of the escrow account which holds the funds for the transaction, they secure title insurance, and they ensure the seller’s loans are paid off at close and that the buyer deposits all the funds including those from the bank and their own. To break it down, they make sure everything gets lined up to have a successful transfer of ownership.


Detail Masters! I have an awesome team of escrow coordinators that will manage all the mounds of paper work. After I explain and review all the docs with you, they will make sure all is in order and signed off so that your transaction file is legit and complete so that you can transfer ownership to the buyer and get your funds!